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..Two Weeks into Preps

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Its been almost 2 weeks here into the prep sessions now and its about to end in two more days. For me I have failed miserably in maintaining my initial enthusiasm about the classes that I had started with almost 2 weeks ago. Now I feel sleepy the moment I see a proff inside the classroom. The situation has gone down to such levels that now I have to put in serious efforts to prevent my eyelids from closing curtains in front of the proffs. This seems to explain my recent tilt towards taking a nap in my room than to go swimming at Umang. Funny It may seem but its true. I need to refresh myself from the exhaustion caused due to my continuous battle with my brain that refuses to understand the gravity of the consequences which may arise if a proff sees me dozing in the classroom. My efforts towards preventing any such undesirable event from happening is exhausting me…

The proffs also it seems started losing interest in the subject they are teaching.Today a whole chapter got over in less than 1.5 hours. Is it the fault of the subject or is it that the proffs are also facing the same problem as me. It is worth mentioning that none of the HEPs( High enthu people) in the class exhibitted their normal enthusiasm today. Is it that he whole class is going down my way?

We happen to have a greek warrior in our class (pun intended) who would easily qualify as the most enthusiastic person here. Though he belong to non maths background, he seems determined to live up to his greek name. His questions range from simple mathematical doubts to querries that sometime question the validity of established mathematical theorems.The ancient greek had a trend of proving and disproving mathematical theorems among themselves and therefore when one greek used to say something the others would start thinking in order to disprove it. That explains why there were so few theorems in so many centuries. Maybe our greek shouldnt try to follow his forefathers…But today even he was silent.

I dont know what got into the whole class today. Maybe it is the slow realization that the fun days are going to be over and the Hellish part of HelL taking over in a couple of days that is making the whole prep session appear meaningless…I dont know.


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Its been more than a week since the preps started. Long enough for us to know the proffs and for them to know us.There is one of them who never stops to shower us with fundas and there is another one who doesn’t cares about fundas unless he gets them right himself the next day. Till then the topic goes out of scope.

The sections A and B are what we a 180 odd group of people have been divided into.The proffs seems to have found some sort of difference between the two sections. Reason…I believe its the enthusiasm in some of the people here in one of the section that has made all the difference. These people really care about every darn thing being taught in the class. Everything if it somehow connects to the topic, however obscure tickles these people, pushing them to discuss with the proff. The fundoo proff  takes this as an opportunity to give the class a dose of her ideas about the subject and sometimes give chance to the class to oblige her with similar enthusiastic replies to her questions. If you ever witness these live exhibition of unbounded enthu you might even start wondering what are you doing there? This however does good to others too. This high energy environment is what keeps the other ‘not so enthusiastic’ people awake throughout the session though sometimes the slumber inertia overwhelms the surrounding energy.



First Week at HelL

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hello friends .

I was actually waiting for the first week to be over before I type anything related to IIM L into my blog page. I am not much of  a blogger  in the way that I never wrote religiously, pouring down my every act and moment starting from getting up in the morning to  going to sleep in the night like some of the real bloggers do. I knew a person who was so much into this blogging thing that he blogged day and night.Ofcourse he needed topics to write on and for that only he used to come out of his room in the hostel to get some “Matter” to write about. There are countably infinite no of reasons for college goers to go to college that appears normal to an average person like me and maybe you but I am sure that going to college to find blog topics would not appear very common to common people like us. Hence I have always regarded people who qualify to be called bloggers as a different class of people altogether. They are not so common thats for sure. Hence I dont ever expect myself to rise upto that level and hence be called a blogger in true sense.

Its been a week now since I set foot inside this coveted campus which people here call HelL. Though I came to know of this name before even I arrived  courtesy of  Acropolis and FB, I never understood what to make out of that information. Clearly “HelL” doesnt appears as an inspiring name to a person coming to spend 2 years here.

Though the name bothered me throughout my journey from Calcutta to Lucknow and then till I met some of the people here and went around the campus. It now seems to be a name that just stuck unless ofcourse you take academic pressure into account. Well we seem to be heading towards a high pressure zone. From what we have been able to perceive, its going to be really hectic….“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments. . .

No torments for now though..We are having a gala time here. Though the temperature sometimes seem to go out of control ,rest is cool.The first day I arrived ,I went blank for a moment or two when in the flight they announced “Outside the temperature is 42 degrees”.Hard to believe you would say..but its true. The heat caught me the moment I stepped out of the airport. For a fact, I really felt like in Hell then. For some moments then I could relate the extreme heat enveloping me with the mythical infernal flames of Hell.

Once inside the taxi I felt on earth again. Travelled for about 20 mins almost straight on the Lucknow roads before we came across a left turn..I asked the driver “aur kitna dur hai?” “Aur zyada dur nahi hai sir”…travelled for another 10 mins ..another turn “ab kitna dur hai?”..”Ab zyada dur nahi hai sir”…It was then about 10-20 mins later that the nearest turn to IIM L came. 5 -10 mins more to reach the gates. Got Inside the gates..showed papers…further 15 more mins drive from the gates to the Hostels . The location is really the “Outskirts“.

I am allotted hostel 14.It went on through chit picking. I had heard that Hostels 14 and 15 were the newest with everything new including wi-fi. I would have been highly elated by this allotment had I not heard of the reliability issues with the wi-fi network there. Anyways didnt had any other options. When I entered it seemed as if I had entered an area that might be of interest to archeological people. Abandoned with no one around I roamed throughout the building after keeping my belongings inside my room. Though I could see signs of civilization on the doors and walls, I failed to see any member of it there. I appeared to be the only living thing inside the walls of this abandoned place.

After the initial excitement left I went out to have some food. It was then I found out that IIM L has a one Mess system.Though big enough I still doubt how is it going to accomodate everyone when all others arrive…. Like everything else about HelL on that day felt impressed about the mess too.Couldnt get food there though…Reason ?”Time up“. Went to Fauji cafeteria and had a meal there.

Returned to the hostel to find another lonely soul wandering there .Now atleast we were two.

In the evening went out with a friend to explore more of the campus. It was then it caught my eyes that most of the campus is a big jungle. Its like civilization making way for itself through wilderness. Had studied about how civilization grew around the world and the effects of it on nature. A first hand experience is here at HelL. Met a snake (probably russels viper from what others opined) crossing the road without hesitation as if the place belonged to it. Met a couple of other NATURAL things too in the next few days. Is it like there is jungle inside the campus or the campus is in the jungle?With Monitor lizards, Jackals, Peacocks , snakes around, one might feel that the latter option is the correct one.

Everything about the campus is awesome. The main attraction is Umang- The sports complex and there too it seems the swimming pool attracts the largest crowd. The Snooker room and TT tables also get busy most of the time. Had a brief stint at the billiards table and the swimming pool. Planning to go for Tennis and Squash too….